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    Welcome to Amaterasu
    Introducing the concept of a modern Japanese
    Casual Café to India.
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    A healthy mind resides in a healthy body
    Our interesting menu ensures a happy soul.
    We invite you to come have a delightful meal
    worthy of our bodies.
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    Omotenashi: The spirit of selfless hospitality
    "There is customer service, and then there is Japanese customer service."
    We aim to anticipate your every need and to serve guests
    from the bottom of our hearts.

At Amaterasu, come experience

Great Japanese Taste - We are what we eat. Our menu is protein rich, based on tofu and soy sauce. We prepare our food with a judicious use of fresh vegetables and focus on offering a balanced, nutrition rich menu.

A Relaxing Space – We showcase a traditional Japanese Café environment for our guests. Take off your shoes and relax in a traditional Japanese manner. We provide an escape from your daily lives and allow your mind to relax in our tatami seating. Enjoy a hygienic experience with warm towels offered by our hearty staff, and our washrooms which showcase automated Japanese units.

Japan at a great price - Japanese culture has a tremendous focus on providing great value to its guests. We accomplish this by efficient management of the kitchen and by eliminating wastage. Our kitchen is equipped with the latest innovations in cooking technology and methodology. We have instilled endless "kaizen" in our processes, especially material procurement.

All of this ensures that our guests are happy – which makes us happy as well

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